TopSpot Ltd has signed a letter of intent with global TV network Trace TV about the upcoming football factual entertainment series TopSpot – Spotting the Top Talents. Trace TV’s sports channel Trace Sport Starts is broadcasted to over 100 countries and has a coverage of nearly 40 million potential viewers.

“We are so pleased to get Trace TV onboard”, rejoices TopSpot’s CEO and series’ executive producer Mikko Perälä. “The channel hits the right customer segment offering interesting content for young Africans. We have now the coverage we need to make this a pan African success.”

TopSpot has many ongoing negotiations with global brands and partners. “The coverage we’ve achieved with these signings (see Viasat signs a letter of intent with TopSpot) should awaken the partners to see the kind of visibility we offer them in Africa.” states Mr. Perälä.

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Mikko Perälä
+358 40 745 3749


Another big name signing for TopSpot

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