TopSpot is opening a new window on the football world with a TV series about talented young African players. They are willing to take a leap of faith to make their dream of a career in football come true.

The show also covers the work of our intrepid scouts who leave no stone unturned, even in provincial Nigeria, in their quest to find the next big star.

“African television scene is rapidly digitalizing and cross media productions are taking big innovative steps. We want to be a part of that transition and offer interesting and captivating material to television channels”, says TopSpot’s CEO Mikko Perälä. “Football is all about dreams, friendship and great emotions but we are not afraid to show also the other side of the business to viewers”, Mr. Perälä continues.

Football talent factory TopSpot is targeting African television markets with factual entertainment. TopSpot Ltd is a Finnish football agency that has been organizing TopSpot Talent Tournaments in West Africa since 2007. Right now more than 20 ”topspotted” professional footballers have successfully made the transition to play in European Leagues.

The factual documentary series’ first season tells the story of three young Nigerian football talents who travel to Scandinavia to start their career in their new teams. Cultural clashes are inevitable but TopSpot’s scouts are convinced that the young players have what it takes to make it. One of the scouts is Theo de Jong, who was part of the legendary Dutch squad at the 1974 World Cup.

TopSpot has partnered with a Finnish based production company Whatever Group and aims to win an African audience for the series. At the same time the producers believe that the stories around football are universal and thus exciting content for audiences worldwide. Football unites nations and opens up doors to places which otherwise would stay closed. It is a language that is understood by everyone. Football stories are full of drama, amazing moments of success, joy, comradeship but also heart-break, failure and hardships.

TopSpot has now released a pilot episode which is available to watch on the Topspotted website. The filming of the first season starts in August 2014 in Nigeria and later in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Press release in Finnish (lehdistötiedote suomeksi)

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Pilot episode released!

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